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Asia is a vast continent whose peoples extend from the islands of Japan, to the "stans" (such as Kazakhstan, Pakistan, and Afghanistan) in the west, and from India and Indonesia along the Indian Ocean to Mongolia and Siberia in the north. In addition, Asian peoples, cultures, trade links, and political ties have long extended far beyond mere geographic boundaries. From the Silk Road and spice trade of antiquity to immigrant communities and the Internet, Asian influences and peoples are central to understanding a global story.

Wichita, with a population of approximately 330,000 and an Asian population of about 11,300, is the largest city in Kansas. It is approximately 200 miles from the two closest large metropolitan areas, Kansas City and Oklahoma City.

Wichita Asian Association is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promote cultural awareness among various Asian groups, to foster an understanding and appreciation of Asian cultures by the community at large, to strengthen awareness among youths of Asian ancestry and the legacy of their cultural roots, and to provide opportunities for expression through diverse Asian cultural arts

In order to sustain and continue to provide excellent programs and enhance the quality of life of Wichita and bring cultural understanding we need your support. Please contact the Wichita Asian Association to learn how you can help us.

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Upcoming Event

Wichita Asian Association Presents "34th Annual Asian Festival", Oct 25th, 2014. Century II Convention & Exhibition Halls