Welcome to the Wichita Indochinese Center, Inc. (WIC), the only comprehensive organization serving refugees and immigrants in Wichita. Originally founded in 1985 as a non-profit corporation to assist refugees from the countries of Indochina (Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos), for many years now the Center has served people of all nationalities. The resettlement process of refugees involves many stages, including learning English, economic adjustment, social adaptation and cultural transition. The present student body of WIC is immigrants of all races who attend WIC to learn English and other skills.

Please contact us by email, phone, or through our Facebook site.

Due to COVID-19, we have limited seats.  Please call 316-689-8729 to schedule an orientation.  As conditions are constantly changing, we will reassess and update you on any future changes. Thank you for your understanding and patience. Stay healthy and stay safe!

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