At a time when Wichita needs qualified workers, the ESL program at WIC provides highly motivated, dependable, and reliable employees for the workforce. Typically our students enter entry level blue collar positions, and over the years, many have jobs on the management level or with major aircraft companies. Because students have learned job retention skills, they need minimum or no training at the work place other than their specific job training. WIC students have very little job turnover which saves employers time and resources.

In order to sustain and continue to provide valuable human services and make our students productive and contributing citizens we need your support. The challenge for WIC is to secure matching funds for Kansas Board of Regents (KORB) grant. A major portion of our funding comes from the Kansas Board of Regents. WIC is one of the 24 programs in the state of Kansas funded by the KBOR. Initially, a program is screened for 26 measures of Indicators of a Quality Adult Education Program. Only those programs which obtain a required minimum score will be considered for funding.

The amount of funds received are based on several criteria such as the number of students enrolled, their contact hours, number of goals achieved, cost per outcome, amount of matching fund provided etc. The allocation of this funding is based objective criteria. Our program is outcome based, goal oriented, and rigorously monitored. Please contact the Wichita Indochinese Center, Inc., to learn more about how you can help us.


The Wichita IndoChinese Center, Inc. gratefully acknowledges the support of

  • The Capitol Federal Foundation
  • Congregation of St. Joseph
  • The COX Foundation
  • The Fidelity Bank Foundation
  • Kansas Health Foundation
  • The Wallace Foundation


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